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Cassandra Butler

Phone: 716-812-5766


Website: Cosmic Connections

Cassandra Joan Butler has always been a seeker of truth, dedicated to help others. She weaves all her tools and 30+ years experience when she works with a client. Her purpose is to offer healing words for self-awareness, and empowerment. Her natural intuition and logical training merges to offer incredible insight and awareness for others as a consultant and as a teacher.

Cassandra has been a mainstay in the WNY spiritual and healing community for 20+ years as she teaches, at Fellowship of the Spirit, and the Lily Dale AssemblyChautauqua Institution, the major spiritual centers as well as several local colleges. Cassandra is also a founding member of the Spirit Way Project and the Church of the Divine Grace, a non-denominational church for healing, and spiritual grounding.

Cassandra attained her social work credentialing from Cornell University, and later received a Master’s degree from Syracuse University. After studies in religion from McMasters University, Cassandra eventually became a non-denominational minister from the Sanctuary of the Beloved and then a NYS licensed massage therapist.