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Rev. Brenda Reading

Phone: 716-785-4247

  • Psychic/Spiritual, Medical Intuitive,  Akashic Record and Life Path Spiritual Consultations
  • Iridology Consultation
  • Healings: In-person or distant healing
  • Auragraph Spiritual Drawings: Capturing Your Personal Relationship with Spirit

Certifications: Brenda is a psychic, spiritual medium consultant, medical intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Holistic Educator, and an Ordained Melchizedek Minister.

Classes offered at Santosha:

  • Inspired Writing: Finding Your Muse

Private Readings/Healing

Services Offered:
Psychic/Spiritual Mediumship Reading
Available in-person, by phone or Skype. $50 – 30 minutes $80 – for 60 minutes

Medical Intuitive Reading/Healing This is a reading of the energies throughout the body, inclusive of the physical, emotional and mental body. A medical intuitive reading is useful as it:
*Seeks to find the root cause or “trigger” of an illness through the use of intuition of the body systems
*Can discover imbalances BEFORE it becomes a serious illness
*Targets emotional AND physical issues, BOTH past and present
*Includes an ACTION plan developed specifically to the client to promote resolution of the root cause /issue

A Medical Intuitive Reading can be done in person, via skype, or via telephone

A Medical Intuitive Reading is NEVER:
a medical diagnosis, prescription, or replacement for medical care

Medical Intuitive Session: $90

Akashic Record Reading/Healing
This process delves into your past lives to help identify connections to the current life which could be causing physical, emotional or spiritual issues. Healing of past life trauma, and clearing of negative blocks to living the current life to your potential is the goal.
Can be done in person, via skype, or via telephone

Akashic Record Reading/Healing Session: $80

Healings – In-person or distant healing:
Reiki Healing Session – 45 to 60 minutes – $50 in person
Distance Reiki Healing Session – $25
Divine Energy Healing Session – 45 to 60 minutes – $50 in person
Incorporates the healing energies of the Blessed Mother, Archangel Raphael, and the Holy Trinity

Distance Energy Vibrational Healing Session – $25

Auragraph Spiritual Drawings – Capturing Your Personal Relationship with Spirit
In color, matted, and includes shipping – $149
You will receive a written copy of your personal reading for this auragraph as well.