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Adam Godin

Born in Buffalo to an astrologer, Adam Godin has been practicing authentic, traditional Reiki for over a decade- he has dedicated his entire life to helping and healing humanity. Adam loves big, He has co-engineered a novel “planetary healing” technique that utilizes dormant energy in the cosmos, with his mother Casandra Butler. This powerful replenishing energy transfer can treat any specific ailments- or improve specific areas of life in precise ways! Any direction or vision one wants for the future- Adam can heal those correlated regions of life force, which because like-attracts-like, opens up quantum portals of achievement to one’s potentiality, aura, and desired vision. His healing technique is particularly potent, and can revolutionize the direction of your life. Traditional, authentic, Reiki technique will restore your chakras to proper balance, speed, and direction, and dramatically shift your way of being.